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Handlsgold Classic Gold Cigarillos

Handlsgold Classic Gold Cigarillos
Handlsgold Classic Gold Cigarillos
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In 1851, Arnold André set up a plant in Bünde as a subsidiary of the André brothers tobacco factory in Osnabrück, which had been founded in 1817.
The HANDELSGOLD cigar brand became an icon of the "economic boom" in post-war Germany like the VW Beetle or the kidney-shaped table.

Handlsgold Classic Gold Cigarillos have a sweetish taste mouthpiece, so that perception is reinforced by the wonderful aroma. Its tobacco has been carefully fermented to create a gentle and sweet smoke flavor. Handelsgold cigarillos are individually foiled every Cigarillo has a barcode, packaged in boxes of 5 pieces, thus offering lower prices for consumers.

Capacity: 5 X 5 CIG

1 Cartons = 10 box = 200 cigarettes
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